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Mumble Server
Mumble is a voice chat software. We have a server running, to use it (if you have mumble installed) click here. If don't have mumble installed, click here and get it.
New mumble server!
Port: 2962
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New Boss!
--Full run--


Be sure to watch in HD :)

    Welcome to the Reign Of Chaos guild website

        Born on the 13th August 2011, this guild is formed by a group of powerful knights that take pride in being part of such a strong alliance of friendship and experience.
    Munya's competition! Click here to check it out, it sounds fun!

    Competition over
(20th november 2011)

    Thanks everyone! 6 kce was handed out in prizes, isn't that amazing?!
    Here's the list of winners:

    Daemonhell - 880ce
    Schizophrenia - 880ce
    Pyruvic - 880ce
    Fewz - 880ce
    Vlad - 880ce
    Zaderules - 440ce
    Eldibs - 440ce
    Thengel - 220ce
    Laserbam - 220ce

    In adition, everyone that attented won 10 ce :)     Hope we can do it again soon :D
  We are taking in new recruits. They must:
    -Be able to comunicate without any problems (modest english skills)
    -Have a positive attitude, be a nice person
    -Have 5* gear, with at least 1 5* sword and a 5* gun.
    -Be a good player, all new recruits must be tested by an officer before entering the guild. The GM/officer list is here, contact any of those in game, or ask any member you see online who can you talk to in order to join, they'll let you know.
    Tips for the new recruits (FSC). All of you should read THIS.
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